Faedorah All right, then, I’ll go to hell. HURRICANE MOON is a sweeping romance set in 1848 Texas, the story will take readers on a journey of love and betrayal as Tannith finds herself cast into the arms of a handsome riverboat captain as she is shifted from one guardian to another. BENT TREE  Set in West Texas in 1881, Shada Barrett finds herself in a precarious situation as she struggles to save her beloved ranch from a treacherous gambler who is determined to have her home.  How far will he go?  Forgery?  Murder? Find out now! OBTAINING FARRELL is the next novel coming up!  It’s currently being written, so it’s going to take a while.  When Farrell’s father Jonathan Spencer told her about Raymond’s marriage proposal, he thought she’d be delighted.  Instead, she runs away from home to avoid a marriage she says is a death sentence. Will she survive her adventures into the wilderness of 1859? More Novels