We are all alike, on the inside This site is a work in progress.  You will find a variety of things here...nothing of any real importance.  So dig in & have some fun.  You will find our crazy family & friend’s quotes here. This is the house I grew up in, in Moss Hill, Texas.  It has looked different at various stages of our family’s life.  This is how I remember it best.  For more Patton Family photos, click here Wings You can buy a really awesome, spectacular romance novel here:  Hurricane Moon You can get some really wonderful handcrafted  & natural soaps, lip balms, solid lotions & scrubs from Crystal Falls Soap. Everything else we can dream will eventually go in here.  So check back soon and see what’s changed. The two quotes on this page are both by Mark Twain. Faedorah All right then, I’ll go to hell.